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Canada is unable to stop the influx of refugees even by closing the border

Patrick D Costa

Canada has decided to close the border to prevent the entry of political asylum seekers.

Canada has decided to close the border to prevent the entry of political asylum seekers. However, the influx of refugees has not stopped yet. This information is known from a report of the British news agency Reuters.

According to the report, many citizens from the United States have sought political asylum in Canada this year. Canada passed an agreement this year to stop it. Although it was successful in the beginning, illegal entry at the border has increased.

Canada reported that asylum applications have not decreased, but rather increased, five months after the announcement. Many are arriving by air and some are hiding at the border and entering on appeal.

According to Reuters, Canada is struggling to deal with a large number of these asylum seekers. Their number does not decrease even with the announcement of non-acceptance of applications. Hundreds of refugees are sleeping on the streets of the capital Toronto.

Because of the shortage of skilled workers, Canada welcomes immigrants as permanent residents. They have also announced to accept 5 lakh migrants by 2025. But they are tough on political asylum seekers. They do not accept such requests and send refugees back from the border. Still, 39,000 applications for political asylum were submitted last year. The number of illegal entries also exceeded all records.

Professor Shauna Labman, acting head of the Human Rights Project at the University of Winnipeg, said, “The reality is that they cannot be protected by closing the border.” This makes the refugees even more desperate.

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