Canada’s Toronto FOBANA conference will held on September 1-3

Taslima Jamal

GI Russell said, “A big time of my life has been spent doing Fobana.

FOBANA, led by Ghiyas Ahmed, is being held in Toronto, Canada on September 1-3. The program will be inaugurated on Friday, September 1 at the convention center of the Don Valley Hotel. Cultural events will be held at Open Street. A Fobana has released the Executive Secretary Shah Nawaz from the Fobana Executive Committee. GI Russell has been appointed as the Executive Secretary. Fobana leaders announced this decision at a press conference held at Navanna Party Hall in Jackson Heights, New York on Saturday, July 12.

Dr. read the written statement at the press conference. Masudur Rahman. Fobana Executive Committee Chairman Ghiyas Ahmed, Fobana Officer Abu Dara (Canada), Syed Enayet Ali, GI Russell, Khondkar Farhad, Qazi Elin Wahid, Q Zaman, Jahangir Joy, Taimur Zakaria, Tarek Hasan Khan and Shahadat Hossain Raju were present.

In response to a question in the press conference, Abu Dara said that the cultural event is being held in the form of street fair with the permission of the city. An organization organizing the Path Mela there is working in unison with our Fobana. The conference will be inaugurated at the convention center. Journalist Nazmul Ahsan wants to know that Fobana is held in Convention Hall as per the tradition of Fobana. Various seminars are organized. Did you withdraw from it? In response, Gias Ahmed said, we are coming out of the traditional fobana. The aim is to publicize Phobana. 10 to 20 thousand Bangladeshis will participate in it. Cultural events will not accommodate 20,000 people inside the hall. So being out. They said that the inauguration and seminar will be held at the convention center and hotel.

Abu Dara said, I held the feet of Shah Nawaz to pray in unity. But I could not bring him. But the discussion is still going on. We will wait for Shah Newaz until the day before the conference. He told the press conference that he has been exempted according to Article 6(e) of the Constitution.

GI Russell said, “A big time of my life has been spent doing Fobana. Earlier I was the convener of this Fobana 4 times. I’m back now. I will stay in the future. Not as a leader. Want to work as a member. And if there is an agreement with Shah Newaz Bhai, I will leave this post to him and work as a member.

In the written statement of the press conference, it is said that the large fobana of remembrance will be held in Taranto on September 1, 2, 3. Four streets will be closed to open concerts, seminars and cultural events with approval from Toronto City Hall. The best artists and artists of the country will participate in it. Among the artists at this year’s Fobana conference will be Baby Nazneen, Mumtaz MP, Pawan Das Baul, Salim Chowdhury, Pratik Hasan, Tahmina Mim, Bindu Kana, actress Tanzin Tisha and a bunch of artists. In the press conference, they mentioned that the aim of this grand conference will be to promote the local culture, customs and trade through networking with Bangladeshis and expatriate Bangladeshis.

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