Canadians deserve so much better

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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice issued the following statement:
“Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been promising a national child care system for 28 years. For 28 years, Canadian families have been waiting for affordable child care services and the NDP has been fighting for change from the beginning. These families have suffered for too long from the lack of child care and have paid the for the Liberals’ delay and broken promises.

If Justin Trudeau’s Liberals had acted earlier as they promised to do, women across Canada would not have been so hard hit by the pandemic. Indeed, women in the workforce have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and many have fallen into poverty because of the utter indifference of the Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

This program is essential to ensure an inclusive post-pandemic recovery that truly allows women to re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible. If the Liberals are really serious this time, Quebec families will no longer have to wait years to find a daycare space for their newborns.

But nothing is ever certain with the Liberals. Canadian families know the drill.

New Democrats will fight alongside child care professionals, unions and activists to make sure the Liberals finally keep their promise. Too often the Liberals choose empty words over action. It’s finally time for Justin Trudeau to stop playing politics with Canadian families and rise to the challenge for once.

Canadians deserve so much better.”

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