Don’t think yourselves as minority: PM tells Hindu community leaders

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the Hindu community along with other believers and faiths in the country not to think themselves as minority, saying that all people irrespective of their religions will enjoy equal rights in Bangladesh.

“We want people of all faiths would live with equal rights. You are people of this country, you have equals rights here, you have the same rights as I have,” she said.

“You would always think that you are the citizens of this country and you will enjoy equal rights,” the premier said while exchanging greetings with the Hindu community leaders on the occasion of holy Janmashtami.

“We also want to see you in that way. Please don’t undermine yourselves. You take birth in this country, you are the citizens of this country,” she added.
The Prime Minister virtually joined the event at Dhakeswari Mandir in Dhaka and JM Sen Hall in Chattogram from her official residence Ganabhaban.

She said if all people can move with this confidence then the evil quarter, from any religion, will never be able to harm the religious harmony of the country.

“We have to keep that belief and unity among us. I want this from you all,” she said.

Source: BSS

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