Don’t want to talk about personal life: Apu on Shakib-Bubly issue

The Shakib-Bubly relationship became the talk of the town after their child Shehzad Khan Bir was revealed. It also became a discussed matter on the other side of Bangla, i.e., Tollywood. Amid all these, Shakib’s ex-wife Apu Biswas’s name was also involved.

A few days ago, Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas celebrated their child Abraham Khan Joy’s birthday in a befitting manner. Shakib-Bubly issue was revealed after that. About this, they did not give any statement other than sharing photos of their child Shehzad Khan Bir on their own social handle.

Although the Shakib-Bubly issue was the talk of the town yesterday, Friday (September 30), Shakib’s ex-wife Apu Biswas’s comment was not found anywhere on social media!

Shakib’s ex-wife Apu Biswas is currently in Kolkata on the occasion of Durga Puja. When contacted, she said that “many people have tried to contact her” in the last 24 hours, however, she is not picking up anyone’s phone. “I don’t want to talk about others’ personal life,” she told the newsmen.

But before this, Apu Biswas talked about marriage with Shakib in an interview. There she told the interviewer, “It would have been better if the marriage with Shakib Khan did not happen so fast. Quick marriage, sudden baby – everything has been done so fast. It would have been better if I had taken time to understand it.”

The actress is currently extremely busy with her son and work. The actress will start working on a new film for her production company very soon.

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