Dozen Stunt Drivers Caught in a Day


The Vision Zero Enforcement Team (VZET) issued a record number of tickets for stunt driving yesterday, impounding the vehicles and suspending the licence of a dozen drivers.

A tow truck with a car and police car
A car being impounded for stunt driving, doubling the legal speed limit

The dismal display of driving occurred over 12 hours on December 22, as the VZET was focused on 13 and 33 Divisions.

“Over the holidays, we are noticing more folks are staying home,” said VZET Sergeant Brett Moore. “The traffic is a little lighter. Our team is focused on looking for those aggressive drivers and yesterday it really jumped off the charts for us where we saw more and more drivers taking unnecessary risks speeding. When we talk to them, it is always the same thing like ‘I am late for work, I am going to the store or I am running around’. The number of people charged yesterday was way too high.”

Stunt drivers have their licence suspended for 30 days and the car they were driving impounded for 14 days. Upon conviction a driver can face a minimum $2,000 fine and further licence suspension.

Moore said the holiday season is no excuse for drivers to take risks on city streets.

Tweets with photos of cars
Tweets by Traffic Services documenting a dismal display of driving on December 22

“Yes, there is less traffic, but don’t take advantage of that,” he said. “Watch your speed. All of the drivers charged were going above the speed limit on city streets. These are 40 and 50 km/h residential and school zones that these infractions occurred in yesterday.”

Beginning last July 1, the criteria for stunt driving dropped from 50 km/h to 40 km/h or higher if the driver is operating a vehicle on a road that has a speed limit less than 80 km/h.

Launched in January 2020, the VZET comprises 16 experienced Traffic Services constables and two sergeants split into two groups covering the city. Each day they focus on new areas of the city where offences are found to most likely occur through data analysis.

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