Greece to legalise 15,000 undocumented Bangladeshis

Greece, the southeastern Europe country, will legalise more than 15,000 unregistered Bangladeshis residing there.

Ashud Ahmed, Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Greece said this at a briefing and view exchange meeting held at Bangladesh Embassy in Athens on Thursday (August 18).

He also confirmed that the legalisation process will start from the middle of next September.

The ambassador in his written statement said the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Bangladesh and Greece on February 9. As the first step of its implementation, the process of legalisation of irregular Bangladeshis residing in Greece has been finalised. For this purpose, several rounds of meetings were held with the officials of the relevant ministries of the Greek government. From the middle of next September, the process of legalising Bangladeshi expatriates living irregularly in Greece will start.

He said, for this, the Greek government will launch an online platform. Where only irregularly residing Bangladeshis can apply. By uploading the necessary documents, they can get instant validation and get a job opportunity legally. The applicant’s temporary residence permit will be sent to his/her email immediately after the online application is properly completed. The process of becoming legal or regular is simple and short. There is no obligation to resort to an agent or lawyer as there are no complications. If necessary, the assistance of the embassy can be taken or the application can be made with the help of a trusted lawyer.

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