Metropolitans bus fare rise by 29 paisa, long routes 40 paisa

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has increased bus and minibus fares by 35 paisa per kilometer in the metropolis and 40 paisa per kilometer for long routes in view of the increase in fuel prices.

BRTA Chairman announced the new rates after a meeting at the BRTA headquarters tonight (August 6, 2022).

Following the rise, per km fare for long-route buses would be Tk 2.20 from the existing Tk 1.80, which is 22 percent higher.

For city buses, fare per km would be Tk 2.50 from the existing Tk 2.15, which is 16 percent more. The new fare will be effective from Sunday.

Road Transport and Highways Department Secretary ABM Amin Ullah Noori, BRTA Chairman Noor Mohammad Majumdar and representatives of the transport sector were present.

Earlier, the new price of fuel oil came into effect from 12 midnight on Friday. According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, the price of diesel has been increased by Tk 34 per litre, the price of octane has been increased by Tk 46 per liter and the price of petrol has been increased by Tk 44 per litre. Now one liter of diesel and kerosene will cost Tk 114, octane Tk 135 per liter and petrol per liter is Tk 130.

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