Mohsin Bhuiyan nominated as Conservative candidate for Scarborough-Southwest

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In the upcoming federal election, Mohsin Bhuiyan has been nominated as the Conservative party candidate for the Scarborough-Southwest riding.
Mohsin Bhuiyan is a proud Canadian, community organizer, successful businessperson, and an experienced leader.
Born in Bangladesh, Mohsin completed his bachelor’s degree at Jagannath University, Dhaka. Mohsin moved to Canada in 1991 and later completed certificate programs at George Brown College and Centennial College.
Mohsin moved to Scarborough in 1994 and with his wife, Dolly, have lived in Scarborough Southwest for more than 17 years. Together, they raised their three daughters and have grown a successful small business here.
All three daughters attended local schools—John A. Leslie Public School, Fairmount Public School, R.H. King Academy and SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I.—and currently two attend university.
As an active member of the community, Mohsin has volunteered for the Lions Club, is a member of the Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, and started a COVID-19 community support program.
After years of neglect and having our emails, phone calls and concerns ignored by the Liberal incumbent, Scarborough Southwest deserves better. With the encouragement of his family and friends, Mohsin is putting his name forward to be the representative we need in Scarborough Southwest.
Mohsin strongly believes elected officials should be transparent and accountable, respect taxpayers, help the most vulnerable in our communities, and approach issues with you in mind.
Mohsin lives here, works here, and is active here. He shares your values and your concerns and he’s ready to serve the diverse needs of the residents in Scarborough Southwest.

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