NDP calls on Ford to stop war on environment after court rules he broke the law, again

Sandy Shaw, Ontario NDP critic for Environment, Conservation and Parks, released the following statement in response to a court ruling finding Doug Ford and his government broke the law when it passed Bill 197:
“Doug Ford’s war on the environment is dangerous for everyone, and our kids and grandkids will pay an especially high price. Not that we needed any further proof, but we now have confirmation from the courts that Mr. Ford broke the law yet again with this assault on the environment. It looks like Mr. Ford will do anything his buddies want — no matter what it costs the rest of us, or how legal it is.
Not only does Bill 197 give the Ford government even more power to use Minister’s Zoning Orders, but it rolls back environmental protections, lines the pockets of big developers, and we believe it violates Treaty rights and violates the Environmental Bill of Rights. I’m grateful to everyone involved in bringing this challenge forward to fight for Ontario, and the next generation.
The Auditor General warned Ford in advance that what his government was doing was illegal. He should repeal his environmental changes, stop signing Minister’s Zoning Orders for his buddies, and stop his war on the environment.”

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