NDP react to the federal government’s investment deal with Telesat

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The NDP’s Critic for Telecommunications, Brian Masse, made the following statement:
“Now more than ever, Canadians need a fast and reliable internet connections at home to be able to work and go to school, and we all rely on our cell phones to keep us connected wherever we are. Particularly during the pandemic, these are essential utilities, yet too many Canadians still struggle to access the affordable the services they need.
People are being gouged, every month, because instead of standing up for consumers, the Liberal and Conservative governments have left it to industry to set the prices. The result is that Canadian families are stuck with sky-high bills, and the profit margins of the Canada’s biggest telecom companies in Canada are over 40 per cent, while two million Canadians living in rural, remote and Northern areas still don’t have access to reliable internet service. The only thing worse than cell phone and internet companies gouging consumers are the politicians who let them get away with it.
The Liberals have left Canadians living in remote and rural areas without accessible internet fro six years. This investment announcement with Telesat seems well timed with the Prime Minister’s rumoured visit to Rideau Hall on Sunday morning.
New Democrats believe that no matter where you live in Canada, you should be able to stay connected – without breaking the bank because of unfair gouging.”

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