Police Officers and Firefighters are Honoured for courage and bravery

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Province recognizes heroic acts of courage and bravery

The Ontario Medals for Police Bravery and Firefighter Bravery are being presented to 21 police officers and 13 firefighters by the government of Ontario. The province’s highest honor, the medals are given to firefighters and police officers who have shown great courage by risking their lives to save others.

“I have invested a lot of energy pondering the consistent dangers and perils that people on call face. The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, stated, “We today recognize the remarkable bravery of 34 police officers and firefighters from across Ontario. Our province has greatly benefited from their service.” I hope these brave men and women will recommit to serving the public with integrity when they accept these medals, knowing that their achievements will inspire a new generation of Ontarians to join their ranks and follow in their footsteps.

“Ontario is lucky to be home to the best cops and firemen in the nation,” said Specialist General Michael Kerzner. ” The majority of us would have hesitated when confronted with the dangers these men and women faced; however, they did not. They sped away from danger. Also, for that we honor them with the region’s most elevated grant for courage – their work is a motivation to every one of us. For a thankful region, we say thanks to them for their devotion to their networks and their uncommon boldness.”

The following people will receive the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery in 2022:

Hanover Police Service

  • Constable Regan Bill
  • Constable Devin Perdue

Lac Seul Police Service

  • Constable Robert Lawrance

Niagara Regional Police Service

  • Constable Mike Delano
  • Constable Christian Gifford

Ontario Provincial Police

  • Provincial Constable Marc Nielsen
  • Provincial Constable Adam Rudd

Ottawa Police Service

  • Constable Iain Campbell
  • Constable Wayne Clayton
  • Constable Eric Douglas

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service

  • Constable Jeffrey Tait

Timmins Police Service

  • Sergeant Robin Carter
  • Constable Mark Lauzon

Toronto Police Service

  • Constable Johnny Amatuzio
  • Constable Steevens Audigé
  • Constable Rébecca Gaudreau
  • Constable Mihail Kochankov
  • Constable Laura Mackasey

Windsor Police Service

  • Senior Constable William “B.J.” Wiley

York Region Police Service

  • Staff Sergeant David Mitchell
  • Constable Mark Burnett

The recipients of the 2022 Ontario Medal for Firefighter Bravery are:

Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service

  • Volunteer Firefighter Robyn Judd

London Fire Department

  • Senior Qualified Firefighter Andrew Cadieux
  • Firefighter Alex Clements
  • Firefighter Apparatus Operator Matt Davis
  • Captain Randy Evans
  • Firefighter Apparatus Operator James Ferraro
  • Firefighter Stephen Hilton
  • Firefighter Ryan Kruk
  • Senior Qualified Firefighter Simon Mackintosh
  • Captain David Smith
  • Captain Ron Vermeltfoort
  • Firefighter Thomas Wenhardt

Blue Mountains Fire Services Department

  • Fire Chief Stephen Conn

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