Singh called for better paid sick leave in March 2020, Trudeau refused

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In March 2020, Jagmeet Singh called on Justin Trudeau to work with the NDP to implement paid sick leave so workers wouldn’t have to choose between staying home when they’re sick or paying their bills.
Trudeau said a permanent paid sick leave program would have to be left up to provinces: “provinces need to look at the way to deliver sick leave directly through employers, which the federal government can’t do.”

Jagmeet Singh:
“Justin Trudeau has gone through four waves of the pandemic without giving workers paid sick leave. We’ve been calling on him to deliver paid sick leave for 18 months. Every day since then, people went to work sick because they didn’t have another way to pay their bills. Now, he wants us to believe he’ll do it after the election. He’s saying the right thing now, but he has no intention of doing it.”

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