Statement from Jagmeet on Justin Trudeau’s defense of Raj Saini

@ South Asia Journal
Earlier this week, media reported seven different women detailing four different instances of inappropriate behaviour by Raj Saini. For five days, Justin Trudeau refused to remove Mr. Saini as a candidate.
Mr. Trudeau defended his candidate while insisting “rigorous processes” were followed even though these processes excluded the survivor. Mr. Trudeau also refused to commit to investigating the three new allegations that were reported in the media.
It’s clear, if the allegations had not come to light in the media, Mr. Saini would still be on Justin Trudeau’s team. Even as Mr. Saini has announced he has stopped his campaign, Mr. Trudeau remains silent.
Justin Trudeau’s talk about feminism isn’t reflected in his actions. He has mistreated women in his cabinet, mishandled sexual assault cases in the military, and refused to act on sexual misconduct allegations against his own candidates. Justin Trudeau has consistently failed to stand up for women.

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