Strong Mayor Powers Expanded to Mayors in 26 Municipalities

Sathia Kumar

Strong mayor powers give council members the tools they need to speed up the implementation of key shared priorities between their municipalities and provinces, like housing, transportation, and infrastructure.

Strong mayor powers for Toronto and Ottawa went into effect in the fall of 2022. On July 1, 2023, they will be extended to mayors of 26 additional large and rapidly expanding municipalities. The province has received a housing pledge from the 26 designated municipalities, which are single-tier or lower-tier municipalities with a population of over 100,000 or expected to reach 100,000 by 2031.

  1. Ajax
  2. Barrie
  3. Brampton
  4. Brantford
  5. Burlington
  6. Caledon
  7. Cambridge
  8. Clarington
  9. Guelph
  10. Hamilton
  11. Kingston
  12. Kitchener
  13. London
  14. Markham
  15. Milton
  16. Mississauga
  17. Niagara Falls
  18. Oakville
  19. Oshawa
  20. Pickering
  21. Richmond Hill
  22. St. Catharines
  23. Vaughan
  24. Waterloo
  25. Whitby
  26. Windsor

In addition to the 28 municipalities that have committed to their housing pledges, the province of Ontario is welcoming housing pledges from other municipalities as part of the ongoing effort to construct 1.5 million homes by 2031. This is in recognition of the fact that additional homes are required in communities all over Ontario.

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