Sukanya reappears after 2 months, now blames mother

Reappeared after two months, college girl Yasha Mridha Sukanya now blamed her mother for her disappearance.

She said: “I don’t want to return to my family as my mother tortures me in various ways. I’m not secured there.”

The student of Siddheshwari Girls College in the capital made the allegation after appearing on a private television on Tuesday (August 23).

She said “I was not even safe in my grandparent’s house.” Quoting them, she said, “If you agree to marry, you will get Tk 3 lakh. You will get more if you want.”

They wanted her to sell in the name of marriage, she said, adding: “Being frightened, I could not sleep at night.”

Regarding Ishtiaq Ahmed Chishti, who is now in jail in a case filed by Sukanya’s mother, Sukanya said, “My friend Chishti has no fault.”

Earlier, on June 23 Sukanya went missing. Later on August 20, mother Najma Islam Laki held a press conference in search of the girl. Her friend Istiaq is now in jail in connection with the case filed by Sukanya’s mother.

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