Superstar Shakib Khan announces his marriage date

Dhaka cinema Superstar Shakib Khan is going to get married again. His family is looking for a bride for him and if everything goes well, he will get married next year, i.e., 2023. That’s what Shakib told the media.

Informing the matter to the media, Shakib said, “Everyone needs someone’s help in the way of life, so my family is looking for a bride for me. After finishing all the work, maybe I will get married next year.”

Although such a statement by Shakib Khan is not new. He has been making “similar statements” about marriage for the past few years.

Shakib married Apu Biswas secretly in 2008. After 10 years, Apu brought that news to the public along with the child – which Shakib did not like at all. After that, this star couple got separated in 2018. They have a son named Abraham Khan Joy.

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