This election is about fixing health care, seniors care, and the cost of living

Sathia Kumar

TORONTO — With the election kicking off on Wednesday, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said this campaign, and the next four years, is about fixing health care and home care and bringing down the cost of homes for people.

“This election is about hope. Together we can fix what matters most to people: health care, the cost of housing, and making life more affordable. Your priorities are my priorities,” said Horwath.

“The next four weeks and the next four years are about everyday people being able to afford everyday life. And concrete plans, like moving mental health, dental care and pharmacare under OHIP. Because you should be getting health care with your health card, not your credit card.”

Horwath and the NDP have released a platform that starts to fix the health care system — including home care and long-term care — and makes life and housing more affordable for working people, including:

Universal mental health care, covering therapy, counselling and other mental health services.
Hiring thousands of health care workers so people can get health care, including surgeries, sooner.
Completely rebuilding home care so seniors can live at home longer.
Fixing the long-term care system so it protects people’s quality of life, rather than taking it away.
Homes people can afford, with measures like reinstating rent control, cracking down on speculators, building more starter homes, and helping first-time buyers with their down payment.
Tackling affordability, with measures like regulating the price of gas and ending insurance gouging.
“We’re going to talk about a lot of things that past governments have broken on this campaign — including education, the environment, and inequities that exist in our province. But you can bet that, every day, we’re going to be talking about solutions for people, and what working families need to build their best life here,” said Horwath.

“Doug Ford’s Conservatives are in it for their buddies. But we can come together and elect a government that works for you.”

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