U of T management expert Sonia Kang offers six tips for negotiating with your kids

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If every interaction with your kids feels like a negotiation lately, you are not alone.
When emotions run high at home, it’s difficult for parents to come up with peaceful resolutions. Even the most experienced business negotiators might find themselves at a loss.
“Some of the difficult discussions we have with our kids can become emotional, repetitive and unpredictable,” explains Sonia Kang, an associate professor in the department of management at the University of Mississauga who is cross-appointed to the Rotman School of Management.
“Our kids might be the toughest negotiators we ever face.”
That said, there are things parents can do to get through to their kids during this difficult time, says Kang, who has devoted much of her academic work to studying and understanding negotiations, power and behaviour.
As Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Kang’s research identifies strategies to disrupt systems, processes and structures that block diversity and inclusion within organizations. She also explores how employees can navigate challenges that arise on the job with her popular podcast, For the Love of Work. As well, she coaches students in her negotiations courses on how to execute difficult deals, persuade others or negotiate raises or promotions.
Her experiences during the global pandemic have made her a true expert when it comes to negotiating with kids. In addition to juggling work and other commitments during lockdown, Kang and her partner have been brokering deals with their two energetic – and very clever – young sons.

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