U.S. Mission to Advance Investment Opportunities and Advocate for Continental Energy Security

Arafat Rahman

Premier Scott Moe will travel to the United States (U.S.) to advance investment opportunities and advocate for continental energy security with our American trading partners.

Moe will be in New York to highlight Saskatchewan as a leading destination for global investment. The mission will provide an opportunity to underscore Saskatchewan’s advancements in the sustainable development of our natural resources and ability to meet challenges related to energy security, such as carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery, small modular reactors and nuclear energy, and developing our critical minerals and rare earth elements.

“As Canada’s closest trading partner and ally, the United States is a natural place for Saskatchewan to attract investment and showcase how we can be a stable and reliable source of energy products for North America,” Moe said.

The Conference Board of Canada recently noted that Saskatchewan is projected to lead GDP growth in Canada this year, largely attributed to the strength of our natural resource sectors. The Conference Board also noted that they anticipate Saskatchewan’s GDP volumes to grow 7.9 per cent. By pursuing investment attraction and collaboration with U.S. investors, Saskatchewan will continue to lead the nation in developing its resources in a responsible, sustainable way.

The Premier will also meet with key legislators in Washington, D.C., along with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and former Minister of Energy and Resources, Bronwyn Eyre. In Washington, D.C., the Premier and Minister will advance Saskatchewan’s position with key U.S. lawmakers as being a reliable, sustainable partner and source for energy and other natural resource commodities.

“Saskatchewan is well-positioned to be a supplier of critical minerals and energy needs to support continental energy security, which is of vital importance since Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,” Moe said. “We will advocate for Saskatchewan as a leader and a sustainable solution for the U.S. to achieve their energy security goals in the face of global challenges, be it war, industrial emissions or general quality of life.”

Saskatchewan has 23 of 31 critical minerals on Canada’s Critical Minerals List, which are essential to global supply chains and advancing a technology-based economy. Saskatchewan uranium also currently powers approximately one in every 20 homes in the U.S. As an allied nation to the U.S. and neighbour, and leading North American producer of oil, Saskatchewan has a unique opportunity to grow our energy and minerals sector by attracting investment and continue to be a reliable trading partner.

The Premier’s delegation will depart for New York City on June 5, 2022. The Premier will then depart and be joined by Minister Eyre in Washington, D.C. on June 7, returning to Saskatchewan on June 10.

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