Vaccine passport app’s arrival

Tareq Sheikh
For some time now, we have called on the government to implement the COVID-19 proof-of-immunization app as quickly as possible to ease the burden of verifying the paper certificate on businesses. We welcome the vaccine passport app’s arrival today ahead of schedule.

“A well-designed proof-of-immunization system can help prevent another province-wide shut down and has already encouraged more Ontarians to get vaccinated. It, combined with high vaccination rates is also key to underpin lifting capacity limits to spur the recovery.

“For a smooth implementation of the enhanced immunization certificate and app, we hope to see continued efforts to ensure interoperability with other jurisdictions using a QR code and a concerted attempt to reduce the burden of the verification process for businesses and patrons. Continued supports are also needed, particularly for businesses that have operated with capacity limits for 19 months now: many of our members have had to hire additional staff for security purposes and to verify COVID-19 vaccine certificate requirements.”

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