Applied Quantum Computing Challenge program

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Quantum computing represents a paradigm shift with the potential to bring transformative capabilities across a wide range of sectors and applications. Intermediate‑scale quantum computers available through cloud platforms have made great progress in recent years. This advance is accompanied by a surge in research and development towards the discovery of new algorithms and applications that harness the power of these new computing capabilities. Canada leads the world in the commercialization of quantum applications with a robust and growing community of quantum software start‑ups.
The National Research Council of Canada is developing a new Challenge program for Applied Quantum Computing. The program will collaborate with industry and academia to support commercial innovation to build on Canada’s position as a global leader in applied quantum computing. The program will also support quantum initiatives across the Government of Canada, working with federal departments, agencies and Crown corporations to explore applications of quantum computing for public service operations and program delivery.
The program is being developed in alignment with the development of the Government of Canada’s National Quantum Strategy. The strategy will amplify Canada’s significant strength in quantum research; grow our quantum‑ready technologies, companies and talent; and solidify Canada’s global leadership in this area.

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