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I would like to share BisRing’s founding history, our current progress and the future vision.

BisRing gotfounded based on a problem witnessed personally by me and fellow real estate investors. I was in the high-tech industry for over 20 years designing products t

hat started off as ideas to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue making consumer products. I had begun my engineering career at Nortel Networks, where I both gained knowledge and lost money. In 2000 the “Dotcom” crash had occurred where I lost around 80 – 100 thousand dollars. This led me to look for an alternative way to invest my money to reach my financial independence and found investing in real estate as a solution. I’ve invested in various cities across the province of Ontario. During this venture, I’ve encountered challenges commonly faced by real estate investors. I would say average household’s biggest investment would be real estate. Investing in distant properties requires cost effective and reliable managementusing Power Teams. If properties are not managed properly, cash flow could be negative, and the financial damages would be very high. Also, whenever real estate investors run into problems, they tend to be lonely similar as entrepreneurs and reach out to inexperienced friends and family for advice. Unfortunately, their immediate network may not be able to help them during difficult times. Currently there is no platform available where real estate investors and service providers can build long lasting business relationships. It tends to be a one-time transaction and investors would need to visit multiple sites to find a variety of service providers for their single real estate project. This led me to quit my high paying engineering job, move to Richmond hill, and I founded BisRing in 2017.

BisRing initially launched across Ontario in early 2019, as of now we have over 11,600 business listed from Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo, and the Niagara Region. As of right now, BisRing isabsolutelyfree for real estate investors. On the other hand, service providers, have the freemium version called ProBisRinger Lite, and the premium subscription is called ProBisRinger Gold. ProBis

Ringer Lite is free and service providers can market up to 3 of their businesses. The ProBisRinger Gold subscription fee used to be $27, although due to COVID we have reduced the price by over 60% to be $9.99. Whoever subscribes now for $9.99, we would reward them as early technology adopters and will not increase the price even when we put back to $27 per category in fall this year. The standard promotional free period for ProBisRinger gold users is 2 months, but I will be sharing with each one of you, your own branded promo code, which can be shared amongst your readers, listeners, and audience, to add an extra 30 days free so that altogether they could enjoy a 90-days free trial period with no contract or any hidden fees.

So, how does BisRing benefit Real Estate investors and service providers?

Real estate investors could sign up as BisRingers for free to take advantage of a single stop solution for all their real estate needs. They could create their own Power Team called My Virtual Team to manage their service providers in multiple cities. They could also write Blogs to share their wealth of knowledge to attract new investments. Competitors like Homestars, Hozz, don’t let outsiders to write Blogs. Only their content writers write the Blog for SEO purpose.

As users become more and more active on BisRing, they will be able to earn badges and points as a reward. These rewards can be used towards buying BisRingGold subscriptions and in the future,BisRingmerchandise.

Real estate service providers could market their business withtheir logo, pictures, video, and audio with up to 1 GB of media storage available. They could recommend complementary businesses in their network and get recommended by many businesses.Moreover, service providers will be able to select all the cities they want to appear as a local service provider and expand their reach without any additional fees.

ProBisRinger Gold subscribers would get free leads and they don’t need to pay any additional fees for each lead. There are platforms sell the leads and even service providers pay to bid on the leads. We’ve got many more benefits and they can all be found on our website at www.BisRing.comunder our Pricing & Plans section.

As per our current progress and new benefits we are bringing to customers, we have been very persistent despite the ongoing Pandemic. We have recently launched our mobile app, which has been released to both IOS and Android platforms as of this spring. We have been consistently hiring University students from the University of Waterloo, Ryerson, Toronto, and UOIT. This year also, as MP Jowhari approved our grant, we have been able to hire more University students. Thank you again MP Johari for supporting this.

Our current product development:

Next, I’d like to talk upon what we are currently working on, and what to expect in the coming months. This summer, we have interviewed around 100 real estate investors and service providers and have identified their major challenges. We have discovered that service providers are looking for low costing or free leads while real estate investors are looking for investment deals,advice and support when they runinto problems. Based on the knowledge we have gathered, we are working on a feature called BisBoard, that would greatly benefit all our users.BisBoard has the potential to take BisRing to become the LinkedIn of real estate. We will share all the details when we launch the product in the coming months.

Our long term vision:

As of now, BisRing has been launched only in the province of Ontarioto get validated and gain traction, so later this year we can go nationwide. Next year we would like to make BisRing available in the U.S as well. In the coming years, we want BisRing to assist real estate investors when it comes to raising capital to purchase their investment properties, find suitable investment partners, and have long lasting relationship with real estate service partners as part of their Power Teams. BisRing would also assist service providers in finding higher lifetime value customers, free leads, and increasing their reputation and credibility through BisBoard. BisRing is envisioned to become a single stop platform where real estate investors and service providers can collaborate and help each other as a community.

As BisRingcontinues to grow, we are determined to give back to our local community, at the same time we plan on building 1000 houses to underprivileged families that live in third world countries.

BisRings’s goal is to become The Ultimate Real Estate Network for real estate investors and service providers.

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