ICYMI: Justin Trudeau campaigns like he means it but governs like he doesn’t. And it’s costing you

@ Nita Sing
Jagmeet Singh called out Justin Trudeau’s record of campaigning on promises he doesn’t plan to keep during the first segment of Leaders’ Debate.
Justin Trudeau likes to put on a show, but in the last six years Canadians have learned he wants to look like he cares, and says the right things, with no intention of doing them. His empty promises are costing families.
He campaigns on helping seniors but voted against taking the profit out of long-term care.
He campaigns on making medication affordable but voted against a universal pharmacare plan.
He campaigns on reconciliation but has failed to bring clean drinking water to First Nations.
He campaigns on being a feminist but tolerates sexual harassment in his own cabinet.
Jagmeet isn’t like Justin Trudeau—he means what he says. He will fight for Canadians, make the super-rich pay their share and deliver on the things families need.

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