Indigenous families need clean drinking water, not empty words

@ Nita Sing
During the televised Leaders’ Debate, Jagmeet Singh rejected Justin Trudeau’s excuses and broken promises to deliver clean drinking water to First Nations people.
In the last campaign, Justin Trudeau promised to bring clean drinking water to First Nations communities that are under boil water advisories—some of which have entire generations of people who have never been able to drink from a tap—but he’s dragged his feet and refused to make it a priority.
It’s just one part of his record of empty promises to Indigenous peoples:
Trudeau said his he’d respect Indigenous rights, instead he spent millions of dollars fighting First Nations kids in court.
Promised to advance reconciliation, but instead Trudeau continues decades of underfunding health care, education and family services on First Nations.
Jagmeet does more than make big promises—he fights for people. He’s ready for a true nation-to-nation relationship, one that creates equal funding for services and respect for Indigenous rights.

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